IMG 0304

The RPG-7's loading screen


The RPG-7 is a man portable, shoulder-launched anti tank weapon featured in the Gun Club 2 Heavy Weapons Pack. It uses an 85mm rocket and is the most widely used anti-tank weapon in the world. It has been in use since 1961 and is still in production to this date.
IMG 0302

The RPG-7 in-game


  • Manual loading of grenades
  • Safety switch
  • Trigger
  • Usual Gun Club features including Slow Motion and Unlimited Ammo

Gun Club 2 Shooting RangeEdit

The RPG-7 is one of the weapons in Gun Club 2 which features the Gun Club 2 Shooting Range. In the case of the RPG-7, the range consists of a destructible wall on which you have no control of where projectiles hit.