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The UMP-45 at the loading screen

IMG 1167

The UMP-45 in-game.


The UMP-45 is a .45ACP calibre submachine gun featured in the Gun Club 2 Spec-Ops Pack.


  • Firemode selector for safe, semi and fully automatic fire.
  • Working bolt although it is not currently possible to lock the bolt in it's rear position.
  • Manual Reloading.
  • Usual Gun Club features including Slow Motion and Unlimited Ammo.


The UMP-45 also has a selection of optional attachments which are usable via the options menu.
IMG 1168

The UMP-45's attachments menu.

Attachments can be attached to either the upper or lower rails but only if they apply to that rail, for example a holographic sight cannot be attached to the Lower Rail.

Table of attachable accessories:

Upper Rail Lower Rail
Scope Grip
Holographic Nothing
Nothing n/a

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